Welcome to the movement.

A time of change.

The New Negro Movement rose during the Harlem Renaissance in the early twentieth century. Its culture was characterized by an increase in outspokenness from Black Americans, who took to using their voices through art, writing, activism and other means of expression in order to re-brand their place in society post slavery. The New Negro Movement and its values are remembered as being spearheaded by figures such as W.E.B. Du Bois. However, voices during this time was not limited to stemming from artistic creativity or political activism because, at its core, being a New Negro was a mindset. During the era of the Harlem Renaissance and the New Negro Movement, boxing was an increasingly significant part of American entertainment, and one of the few sports in the United States that was not segregated at the time.

And, a man larger than life.

Considered one of the greatest American athletes of all time, boxer Jack Johnson is an unconventional yet legitimate example of a twentieth century New Negro, and the role that he and boxing played in American society were influential in shaping stereotypical perceptions of African American men.